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Imperial Bank

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Short: Imperial Bank

We stumbled across this photo in the 23 August 1956 issue of the Creston Review.  We recognised it immediately - it's the office building that used to stand on the north (east?) side of Northwest Boulevard, opposite the top of Railway Boulevard. Pine Street goes through there now, and there's a muffler shop in the same area. But this photo caught our attention, because of the sign on it - the Imperial Bank.

We'd always understood that the Imperial Bank had been established in Creston quite a bit later - just after the First World War. But the date on this photo - 1910 - suggests that it was here almost as early as its competitor, the Bank of Commerce.

The caption under this photo reads: "This building is now the offices of Whalen Insurance and F. Putnam located opposite the Shell Oil Bulk Plant [that's the parking lot of what is now the Chamber of Commerce]. At the time of this picture (1910) the building housed the Imperial Bank with quarters above. The Model T Ford in front was reported to be the property of R. Bevan. A large swing gate to the right of the building allowed access to the rear of the property."

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