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Campbell Dow Enlists

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Short: Campbell Dow Enlists

I stumbled across this while going through a box of records in the Archives collection. It's a box that I've actually gone through several times before, but never happened to look in the envelope that contains this document.

The envelope is simply labelled "Night Lettergram, 1915" which is probably why it has escaped my attention until now. But the document itself is definitely one of those "Wow, I can't believe we have this" things.  It's a hasty note, scribbled from Campbell Dow to his mother Sarah Ellen Dow, dated from Revelstoke 11 June 1915.  It reads:

"Have enlisted 54th leave tomorrow will send address. Campbell."

So, this young man is going off to war, to all the danger and uncertainty that entails, with the prospect (though he probably didn't realise it at the time) of being away for a period of several years, and of course the risk that he might not return at all -  and he announces the fact to his mother in a mere eight words. That's not much fanfare for such a momentous decision.

Sapper Dow did return from the war, after three years overseas, with a Military Medal and Bar to his credit.

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