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Thingamajig #5 - 26 April 2012

Width: 119    Height: 448    Type: image/jpeg    Updated: 04/25/2012 05:36

Short: Thingamajig #5 - 26 April 2012

These two shoulder-height tools both have long, wooden handles and a spike in one end, and both have a decided home-made look. There are no stamps or makings on either of them.

The one on the left, judging by the stained wood of the spiked end, might have spent considerable time partly submerged, though we don't know if it was submerged during its routine use, or if it simply stood in a damp location after it had been "retired."

We've had a suggestion that these are log-handling tools - possibly used to push logs around in a mill pond so they could be fed up the chain and into the machinery. That's just a guess, but a pretty reasonable one.  What are your thoughts?

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