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1948 Packard

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Short: 1948 Packard

I learned a couple classic-car trivia facts today.  One of them had to do with this gaget, mounted on the dash of the 1948 Packard that visited the Museum today:

Traffic light finder, 1948 Packard, Creston Museum, Creston BC

It's a traffic light finder - mounted just to the left of the steering wheel, it allowed the driver to watch the changing traffic lights without having to crane his or her neck. Today, intersections have traffic lights all over the place: facing each direction of traffic, there's a set of lights above the street opposite the stopped vehicles and anbother set lower down on the street corner. But when this car was made, intersections often only had a single four-way traffic light, suspended from wires above the very centre of the intersection. This made it very hard to even see the traffic light, let alone watch it for the light to change colour. The traffic light finder made things much easier!

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