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The Objects

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Short: The Objects

Here's a look at some of the stuff we're clearing out of the Museum's collection: objects that are duplicated many times over in our collection (hair curling irons and bed pans, for example); objects that are part of some larger artifact that we don't have (part of a well pump, or a broken blade of a plough); objects that are rusty, broken, or otherwise in such poor condition that we could never use them in a display (broken jugs, bent wrenches, or the rusty barrel of a gun with no stock); objects that have been simply abandoned outside the door so we know nothing about them or their histories (the vast majority of the items in the boxes, actually).

Our storage areas are so full, we can't justify hanging on to these things anymore - but what do we do with them? Garage sales at museums are just not a good idea, and if we took them to the dump there's a good chance some generous person would pick them up and bring them back (we've acquired a few gems that way, so we appreciate the thought, but when it's something we are deliberately trying to get rid of...)

Our solution? Keep the objects, but get them out of the storage areas; put them on display, but in such a way that their poor condition and lack of history doesn't matter.

Welcome to the Found Art Challenge!

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