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Creston Valley in the First World War

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Short: Creston Valley in the First World War

Photographs, newspaper clippings, and artifacts combine to highlight the role of the Creston Valley in the First World War. Topics explored include

  • "The Outbreak" (declaration of war and its impact on the Creston Valley);
  • "The Battalions" (the 54th Kootenay, Forestry Corps, and other battalions in which local men inlisted);
  • "The Battles" (an overview of the major battles in which the local men participated, focusing on the Battle of St. Julien and Vimy Ridge, and highlighting the different military tactics and technologies they encountered);
  • "The Home Front" (a look at fundraising at home, and the effects of Conscription)
  • "The Peace" (the celebrations at and immediately following the Armistice)

Two formats to choose from:

Static display: Free-standing display board and small locked display case. Requires a table approximately 60" x 30."

Presentation: 30-45 minutes, with hands-on component. Can be presented as a powerpoint for larger groups, or by circulating copies of photos and newspaper articles for smaller groups.


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