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1921 Model T Truck

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Short: 1921 Model T Truck

We'd like to introduce you to the Creston Museum's 1921 Model T Truck.

It was bought in North Dakota by brothers George, Joseph, and Robert Derry, who were living in Moose Jaw, SK at the time, and brought to Morrissey, BC (near Sparwood) in 1927. It, and the Derry brothers, arrived in the Creston Valley in 1936, where they bought a 30-acre farm property in Canyon.

The truck has a home-made cab and box, built to suit the needs of the Derry brothers - they used it to haul everything they needed or produced on their farm. They'd even put a stove in the back of it and take it up Mount Thompson huckleberry-picking; they'd can the berries on site.

In 1950, the truck was transferred to George Watts, owner of the Yahk Pioneer Park Museum. It was probably still being used by the brothers up until that point, and has been a museum piece ever since. When the Yahk Museum declared bankruptcy and closed in 1979, the Creston Historical Society purchased its collection, including the truck, at auction.

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