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Wired and Ready

Width: 448    Height: 336    Type: image/jpeg    Updated: 12/10/2014 12:16

Short: Wired and Ready

Here she is, all wired up and ready to go!

28 November 2014: We added a little water to the radiator, put some fuel in the tank, and cranked the handle...

Ooops. Let's connect the battery, too. Crank the handle again...

And again, and again, and again, and finally....

(Click here to listen).

Next steps:

Remagentise the magneto; Repair friction holds for the throttle and advance rods; Fix a small-but-alarming water leak from the engine; Do something about the clutch and brake linkages; Do some work on the axles and wheel bearings; Get the horn working and theheadlights too; and maybe put a muffler on it (she's a little loud right now). And a bunch of other stuff.

And then, put her in the Blossom Festival Parade in May 2015.

Check back periodically for more photos and updates!

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