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Kootenay Landing

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Short: Kootenay Landing

Until 1931, there was a small but elegant CPR station out at the end of the track, called Kootenay Landing:

Kootenay Landing, near Creston BC

The trains went this far and no further, because the track along the west shore of Kootenay Lake wasn't built until 1930, and opened on 1 January 1931. Remember I said Sirdar was a busy railway terminus until then? Once the line went all the way through to Nelson, Sirdar's importance, and Kootenay Landing's existence, pretty much came to an end.

Today, there's nothing at Kootenay Landing except this little storage shed.

Here's another view of Kootenay Landing in the early days. I know you can't see much of the station, but isn't this a great photo?

Kootenay Landing, near Creston BC

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